Are you in need of a photographer or artwork?


Bearded Manatee

Are you looking for high quality Tennessee or beard theme T-shirts?

Check out my clothing company Bearded Manatee.

Social Media Content

I can help you create social media content for your brand or company. I can provide high end video, photography, and basic graphic design.


I can provide you or your company with high quality artwork or different photography projects. I primary take photos of skylines and nature, but I can also do portraiture, events, food and other types of photography.

Bearded Manatee

Bearded Manatee is a Tennessee and beard theme t-shirt company in Nashville, TN. We currently have 14 different designs, with more designs coming soon. We will be launching a line of hats, and beard oils in the next few months so be on the lookout for some awesome products. If you are looking for custom shirts for your company or parties let's chat. We can customized anything type of clothing.

Social Media Content Creation

Are you struggling with social media?

Let me help you with building content for your brand or company. I can build multiple types of content, from photography to video work, I can also provide you with basic graphic design skills and help you with mapping out your social media.

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