I am Stuart Deming a content creator based in Nashville, Tennessee. I am passionate about my relationship with Jesus Christ, photography, and Nashville. This website will include a few different categories of discussion; Jesus, hospitality/tourism, photography, and my company XPLR.  

I believe that the main purpose I am alive is to bring honor and glory to the Lord Jesus, through my beliefs and my actions. At one point in my life I had absolutely no idea what I was suppose to do or live for. With my personal walk with the Lord I now know for certain I have a purpose in my life.  

I have been in the hospitality industry for most of my life, from working in numerous positions within a hotel, to cooking for a premium wedding venue, to now doing private luxury tours of the city of Nashville. All together I have held about 20 different positions in the hospitality/tourism industry. I absolutely love the experience that I have gained through all of my different opportunities.